Packaging mod_auth_cas for CentOS 7

Mark wrote a useful post about building mod_auth_cas for CentOS 7. It works, but I prefer to build RPM packages on a build server and deploy them to production servers, rather than building on production servers.

Basically I took the spec file from the mod_auth_cas source package for CentOS 6 from the EPEL 6 repository, tweaked it, and replaced the source tarball with the forked copy Mark recommended. This built cleanly for CentOS 7.

I’ve sent a pull request back to the upstream project with the Red Hat build files and documentation and for those who are keen, here are the EL7 RPM and source RPM:


There’s an even better way of building this for CentOS 7. Fedora 21 includes Apache 2.4 and mod_auth_cas and it is really easy to backport this source package.

First grab the latest version of the source package from the Fedora mirror onto your CentOS 7 build server. Always make sure there isn’t a newer version available in the updates repo.

Rebuild is as simple as issuing:

rpmbuild --rebuild mod_auth_cas-

It will spit out an RPM file suitable for deployment on CentOS 7. Add --sign if you routinely sign your packages with an RPM-GPG key.

One thought on “Packaging mod_auth_cas for CentOS 7

  1. Hi,

    I didn’t say anything about building on production servers. Good practice is that this isn’t done. At the end of the instructions, I said:
    “and you can then copy them from here to your production systems.”

    I left the exact process of doing that to the reader, as it was only intended as a very short note on how to build the module, rather than a fully description of how to distribute and deploy it.

    thanks, mark

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