More Juniper VPN Client…

As mentioned at the bottom of my previous post, it is possible to connect to the Juniper VPN without using the java gui, you just need the right command line arguments.

Well, I’ve worked out what those are.

./ncsvc -h -f ./uobnet.crt -r UoB-Users -u ab12345

(replacing ab12345 with your UoB username obviously)

The list of 32bit dependencies is significantly smaller (as it doesn’t involve Java!) and on Ubuntu the client seems to be satisfied with:

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 lib32z1 lib32nss-mdns

As before, the above has had very little testing at all.  Any reports of what it does on non-ubuntu systems would be very welcome indeed!

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Paul is a Linux sysadmin looking after the servers behind the ResNet and eduroam networks, and the main campus DNS infrastructure at the University of Bristol. He's been using unix of one flavour or another for more than 2 decades, and is still constantly surprised by useful commands he didn't know existed.

3 thoughts on “More Juniper VPN Client…

  1. Cool, this works for me on both 32-bit and 64-bit Debian with the command-line from above and it set to setuid.

    SL6 is also happy with the command-line version but I’ve not got it to install the 32-bit java package via yum yet (might be something crazy that I’ve done, mind 🙂

  2. It seems that the java 32-bit packages aren’t available on SL6 by default — it may be possible to use an rpm from CentOS, or you could use a java version downloaded from Oracle directly (and stick it in /usr/local or similar). However, both of these options won’t auto-update Java when vulnerabilities are [inevitably!] found.

  3. Can report this works for me on Debian Wheezy. One thing though is that the 32bit java environment can’t happen on 64bit if libgif4 is installed as is not a multiarch package. So libgif4:i386 conflicts with libgif4 and apt wants to remove things like kde to resolve deps if you try to install it!

    It’s much cleaner doing it the way described on this post though so thanks!

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